Sandhills School is an academy managed by the River Learning Trust and as such is its own admissions authority.  The River Learning Trust has delegated the responsibility for admission arrangements for Sandhills School to the Local Authority, Oxfordshire County Council.


A Statement on Flexi-Schooling 

The responsibility for a child receiving full-time education while he or she is of statutory school age lies with the parent or guardian/carer. Where a parent/carer educates a child partly at school and partly at home or elsewhere as an expression of parental preference, this is called ‘flexi-schooling’. 

Flexi-schooling must not be confused with elective home education (EHE). Parents/carers have a legal right to choose to home educate their child but parents/carers do not have a legal right to insist on a flexi-schooling arrangement with a school.  The discretion to allow flexi-schooling rests with the Headteacher.

The River Learning Trust considers that a school is best placed to deliver the complex demands of the National Curriculum and, therefore, Headteachers within our Trust will not normally support requests for Flexi-Schooling arrangements.