At Sandhills Primary School we want to help children have informed and balanced conversations about religions and beliefs in a safe environment. During lessons children are encouraged to develop skills of critical thinking and analysis, as well as developing attitudes such as empathy, sensitivity and understanding – which are vital to help them become successful citizens of the world. The R.E. lessons are provided in accordance with the Oxfordshire Diocese Agreed Syllabus.

As the children progress through the school, they will develop their understanding of Christianity and at least two other principal religions from Hinduism, Judaism or Islam, which reflect the diversity within our school community. Lessons often involve a question for children to explore through a range of means including stories, drama, art and music. Ideas and concepts are sometimes revisited to help deepen the children’s understanding as they progress through the school.

As well as regular R.E. lessons, children’s religious understanding is developed through whole-school special assemblies focusing on key events in the religious calendar such as Easter, Eid-ul-fitr and Diwali. These are usually delivered by either the R.E. Co-ordinator or a member of the school community.

R.E. Long Term Plan Whole School

RE Curriculum Statement Sandhills Community Primary School

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