At Sandhills Primary School, we recognise that a high quality PE curriculum has a crucial role to play in supporting children’s health and wellbeing through incorporating movement into their lives and helping develop healthy behaviours.  Alongside teaching sport specific skills and knowledge, PE has the ability to help instil a lifelong confidence and enjoyment in being active. It also gives the opportunity to develop key values and behaviours including fairness, overcoming challenge and learning through failure, perseverance, cooperation and creativity.  

We teach PE through a broad range of activities and develop skills and knowledge through a carefully sequenced, cumulative curriculum.  For instance, when learning to play invasion games, the youngest children will use different equipment to explore ways of passing and receiving a ball.  Over time, they will be expected to do this with increasing accuracy and control.  Moving on, they will learn how to be able to select an appropriate pass for a particular situation and we expect the eldest children to be able to pass and receive with control and accuracy when under pressure from an opponent.  We are committed to inclusion and have high expectations of all children.

Children in Key  Stage Two are taught swimming at a local swimming pool by a specialist swimming teacher.  We provide a range of extracurricular activities and take part in many fixtures, competitions, festivals and events with other schools.  The school has links with several different local clubs and organisations who work with us in school in a variety of ways and that we can signpost children to where appropriate to continue to develop their enjoyment of sport.

PE lessons take place twice a week for all children.  We have recently introduced the Daily Mile at our school with the aim of further positive impact on children’s health, wellbeing and learning.

P.E Long Term Plan

Copy of PE Curriculum Statement Sandhills 2022-23

Progression in PE