At Sandhills Community Primary School we are committed to providing all children with learning opportunities to engage in Art and Design.  We ensure that every child within our school has full access to Art and Design as laid down in the National Curriculum regardless of age, gender or ability.   

The subject has been carefully planned to provide progression in skills and activities which build on their developing knowledge and understanding throughout their time at our school. For example printing is planned across many year groups from printing with natural objects to polystyrene prints and then screen printing. These activities are linked to the termly topics where possible.  

We teach the children about a range of artists both from the past and present day, specific to certain year groups but also as a whole school focus.  Three times a year the whole school focuses on a specific artist and creates a piece of work based on the skills they have learnt over that term (inspired by the work of the specific artist).  The artists are very diverse- e.g. the era of their work, gender, race, art specialism.  Work from each year group is displayed in the foyer for visitors and our school family to enjoy, it shows the skills and progression throughout the school..

Art DT long term plan

Progression in Art

NEW ART Curriculum Statement Sandhills 2022 – 23