Celebrating Black History Month is very important to us and part of an ongoing commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion at our school.  If you would like to join in with our celebrations at home there are lots of useful links below:
Black History Month 2021

We have been celebrating Black History Month in our school.  We enjoy the opportunity to focus on this over the course of a week but we also know that this work and the wider work on equality and diversity must continue throughout the school year in all subjects.  In Key Stage Two, we started each day reading and discussing a quote by famous black people – Maya Angelou, Martin Luther-King, Michael Jordan, Barack Obama and Serena Williams.

On Friday, the older children chose one of the people and their quote and wrote a letter explaining what the quote means to them and why they think it is important.   Children in Key Stage Two also took part in a BBC recorded ‘live lesson’ that explored the inspirational lives and contributions of black writers, musicians and activists.
In Key Stage One, the children have started the day with a brief Horrible Histories clip that tells them about significant black historical figures.  Later in the week, they found out about Dr Mae Jemison – the first black woman to go into space – and presented their work in a variety of ways.  In addition to work in classes, we had three assemblies that also focussed on Black History Month.  The children’s work is being displayed in the entrance hall – please do look out for this if you are coming in for an assembly.