For the academic year 2021/22, Year Six will teach their topics in the following order: Term 1 – ID , Term 2 – Victorian Revolution, Term 3 – Frozen Kingdom, Term 4 – You Are Awesome, Term 5 – Bloodheart, Term 6 – Hola Mexico.

We hope these pages will provide you with the information you need about the curriculum at Sandhills Primary School. You will find links to some of the support materials we use including Cornerstones Curriculum which we use for all of our topic based work and programmes such as Read, Write, Inc for phonics

In addition to the information on the website, there are several other opportunities to find out about what the curriculum at our school. At the start of the year, each year group will hold a parents meeting and part of this will cover the topics the class will be learning that year. Every half term, each class sends home a topic web that shows what topic the class will be studying that term and specifically what they will be learning in each curriculum area.

EYFS parents will be invited to meetings that explain how phonics and reading are taught to our youngest children and we will have information sharing meetings for parents on maths.

Parents are often invited to take part in ‘Wow Days’ where they can see the work the children have done at the end of a topic. Parents are also invited to Celebration Assemblies three or four times a year to hear all about what the class have been learning.
For more information on the curriculum at Sandhills Primary School, please contact Deputy Headteacher, Sue Clark, via the office or 01865 433000.