Area Sports Report 2018

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Area Sports 2018 Friday July 13th

What an amazing evening. Our Sandhills Athletics team combined to produce one of the most exciting and entertaining sports events I’ve been to. What a team.
Every competitor showed grit, determination, skill, brilliance, wonderful technique, teamwork, respect, amazing sportsmanship and such an incredible sense of togetherness and joy.
Our wonderful team came 4th, but this performance cannot be measured by positions and numbers alone. The happiness, laughter, excitement and shared belief in our school family brought all of us together as one. We ran through a wave of every emotion and we carried the flag for Sandhills as high as it has ever been.
What an incredible evening.
I shall remember it for a long time.
This is why I do this job, for moments like this, for the sheer joy of this togetherness and experiencing the thrill of competition, the wins the losses, the laughter the tears.
Sandhills Athletics team is a team to be reckoned with. Thank you to everyone involved, all the children, all the staff and all the parents!!
Mr Cobb